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Karl Bunch

Karl is a savvy entrepreneur with a rare blend of technical and business expertise. With a 30 year track record of leveraging technology to empower companies and clients to exceed their business goals while driving revenue with a focus on profitability. Karl has managed large teams of employees and developers, ranging from start-ups he founded, to the publicly traded Warner Music Group, where he served as Senior Vice President of Strategic Technology. Karl has the energy, people skills and vision to be an effective team leader in situations where results matter.

If you have a project that requires Karl’s depth of experience please reach out to him via his linked-in profile.

Recommendations (linkedin)

Karl is likely the most business-passionate Technology Executive I have worked with. His focus is squarely in enabling the business, not getting lost in science experiments, while being a leading thinker around the development and application of new technologies. His energy was more than palpable - he raised the pace and capacity of any organization he was working with. It was quite common to pull Karl in to discuss non-Tech organization development issues as often as we would discuss how to drive the business through the propose use of Technologies. I look forward to our next opportunity to operate a business together again.” September 2, 2011
-- Mike Jbara, President & CEO, Warner Elektra Atlantic Corp

Karl is a savvy entrepreneur with an unusual combination of technical, sales and financial skills. He understands how to identify market opportunities, apply a wide range of technology in an effective manner, and develop strong business relationship with Fortune 100 customers.

We worked together for several years as co-founders, board members and managers. He has the energy, people skills and vision to be an effective team member and/or leader in any situation where results matter.” October 11, 2007
-- Tuck Newport, Vice President, Queria, Inc.